Football Recruiting 101 – Dream Team

You are a high school football player who practices and works out year around to improve your game. You spend about six hours in the classroom per day and another two hours doing homework after football practice during the school year. You may have a personal trainer and go to camps/combines in the summer. Where is the time and energy going to come from when it comes to the recruiting process? You do know that you have to be pro-active making phone calls, sending e-mails, sending out player profiles and DVD’s. OMG!

Sit down and develop a game plan with your coach and your parents. Form your very own dream of recruiting personal. Your coach can write a letter of recommendation and furnish you with game tape.

You can hire someone to edit your promo DVD and make several copies for mail out. Your parent or parents can be there to encourage you, get you registered with the Clearinghouse and research colleges, coaches e-mails etc. Your personal trainer can give you tips and write a letter of recommendation as well. Your school counselor can keep you posted on SAT testing dates and help keep you on track with core class สมัครเว็บแม่ ufabet requirements. Talk to other athletes at your school that are a year or two ahead of you for pointers.

You may want to consider a recruiting service to do the majority of your promotions. I highly recommend a recruiting service as they can take on a big portion of what needs to done as far as getting the necessary exposure. After all if a recruiter does not know about you they can’t recruit you. A recruiting service can get you in front of hundreds of college coaches very quickly. They will most likely have an expert on staff to advise and answer any questions for you. Do your research when it comes to hiring a recruiting service. Recruiting services have fees that range from no fee to include your player profile on a public web-site to $3000 or more. You can get great exposure and the results you want for under $1,000 with the right company.

Authored by: Tony Passarella – Sports Recruiting Coach

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